How Potholes Impact Your Vehicle

Posted on April 16, 2018.

Potholes are due to the changing temperatures and snowfall that an average winter in New Jersey will experience. During the colder months, snow, sleet, and ice seep through cracks in the pavement. When the temperature rises above freezing, the water retracts, pushing the pavement upwards.  The temperature dips back below freezing, the water expands. The cycle starts all over again. The pressure from vehicles driving over the weakened areas creates damaging potholes. In addition, the snow plows that pave the road can cause serious damage to the weakened roads. In most cases, these pot holes aren’t filled until spring because of the breakdown cycle.

The Damage Potholes Cause to Your Vehicle

Hitting or just swerving to miss potholes can cause costly damage to many parts of your vehicle.

The damage to your vehicle may not be noticeable at first. But over time, your vehicle’s driving performance may be the indicator. Repeatedly driving over the potholes as the weather continues to fluctuate will continue the damaging process to your vehicle.