Whether you own a small fleet of vehicles for your business or dozens, you should have a trustworthy shop available to service them all whenever you need to. Quality Lube Plus is that shop and here’s why.   Experience with Many Different Fleet Accounts We service over a dozen different big-name Fleet accounts for a[Read more…]

We’ve all heard the importance of keeping up with regular maintenance of our cars. It keeps them running longer and more efficiently, prevents more expensive repairs in the long run, but what about unexpected problems that you may not even consider? Read on to learn about an unexpected car problem that regular maintenance can help[Read more…]

Ever feel confused filling up your car at the gas station and wonder what the difference is between regular and premium gas? Does your vehicle need one or the other? Will it work better with premium? Let’s take a closer look. The Difference Between Regular and Premium Gas The most obvious difference between regular and[Read more…]

To qualify for a top safety pick, there are several factors a vehicle must possess. The car must earn high ratings for safety, roof strength and head restraint tests. It also must receive high scores for front crash preventions and good ratings on its headlights. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite 2019 Top Safety Picks. 2019[Read more…]

Your car brakes are essential for your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. That’s why you should never ignore the warning signs that your brakes are failing. You should immediately take your car into a professional mechanic and have them repaired or replaced. Here are the warning signs you should look[Read more…]

When performing regular maintenance on your car, you may be looking to save money. Some things are ok to go for the cheaper option, but sometimes it’s worth it to spend a little more if it’s going to be better for the long-term health of your car. Synthetic oil does indeed cost significantly more than[Read more…]

If your car isn’t starting, several different issues could be at fault. Before you call a mechanic or a tow truck, take a deep breath and read on. There may be an easy fix you can do yourself. Dead Battery A dead battery is the most common cause for a car that won’t start. A[Read more…]

An auto-start, or remote start, on your car allows you to start your vehicle with the touch of a button while you’re up to 500 feet away (with some higher end models boasting an even further range). An auto-start can be handy to start your car while you’re still in your home or office so that it[Read more…]

Emergencies happen. That’s why it is crucial to always prepare for the unexpected. By keeping a few key supplies in your car, you can have peace of mind knowing that if a winter emergency does occur, you’ll be safe. Here are some items to always keep in your car during the winter. Flashlight and Batteries[Read more…]

The future is here, and that means self-driving cars. Self-driving cars were once a science fiction fantasy that seemed years away from becoming a reality. But as of 2018, the company Waymo officially started its self-driving car service in Phoenix, Arizona. A few hundred heavily vetted riders can pay to be driven in a driverless[Read more…]