The Most Important Info in Your Owner’s Manual Blog

If there is one item that you should have in your vehicle at all times, it is your owner’s manual.  Your owner’s manual has a lot of important information about your specific vehicle.  This includes step by step instructions on features as minor as how to change the time on your radio to major features such as knowing when you need to have your vehicle serviced.

For new model year vehicle buyers, your owner’s manual will guide you through setting up your vehicle.  Vehicles are more advanced than ever and each year new technology is added to models.  Systems such as your stereo, lighting options, camera options, keyless entry, and even your clock.  Your owner’s manual can help make the setup process a lot easier.

Crucial maintenance information can also be found in the manual. Not only will it have information on tracking mileage to know when you should have your oil changed, tires rotated, brakes replaced, tune ups performed, etc., but you can also reference proper fluid and tire air pressure levels as well.  Owners often need assistance locating where to measure fluids because locations change model to model.

There is also a handy guide to knowing what the lights on your dashboard are indicating. Most of us know what the check engine or low fuel level lights look like, but there are other dashboard symbols that most users will be unfamiliar with.  Your owner’s manual will outline all the possible dashboard symbols and what they mean when they are present.

Whenever you purchase a vehicle, you should always keep the owner’s manual in the vehicle.  Store it in the glove box or wherever you see fit and use it as a handy reference guide.  Being familiar with your vehicle’s owner manual will greatly improve your driving experience.