Shocks and Struts

Most car owners know that the main purpose of their car’s shocks is to keep them from bouncing around during their travels.  Struts on the other hand, are not as well known as shocks.  It is easiest to think of the shocks as a PART of the overall suspension of the car, while a strut is the COMPLETE suspension assembly.  The main purpose of this strut is to have a place to mount the coil spring while supporting the weight of the vehicle.  Here are some signs to look out for in order to keep comfortably in your seat at all times.

  1. You notice your vehicle swaying or rolling more than usual when you make a turn or change lanes.
  2. You notice the front end of your car dipping or diving while braking.
  3. You notice the back end of your car squatting while accelerating.
  4. You vehicle tends to “bottom out” while traveling over bumps.
  5. You have a poor steering response.
  6. You notice any sort of stiffness or unusual noise while turning.
  7. The treads on your tires have become cupped or uneven.
  8. You see leaking fluid from shock or strut assembly.
  9. You notice considerable bounce while driving.
  10. Any signs of dents or imperfections you recognize in the shock or strut body.

As is the case with most other automotive repairs, driving conditions greatly affect the time between shocks and struts repairs.  Even if your vehicle does not show any of the signs mentioned above, the general rule for a checkup is every 50,000.

When that time comes to repair or just have your shocks/struts inspected, there is no better place to trust than your friendly professionals at Quality Lube Plus.  Start absorbing all of those bumps in the road again and stop by our shop today!