Transmission Fluid Replacement | Auto Service

You might be asking yourself, what does transmission fluid really do?  To explain the function, we can think of transmission fluid as a liquid that transfers energy from the engine to the wheels.  This transfer of fluid helps your wheels stay lubricated, and keeps your vehicle rolling along smoothly.  It does not matter whether you have an automatic or manual transmission - all vehicles require this fluid to be replaced over time because it eventually breaks down and becomes useless.

With so many different kinds of fluids required by your vehicle, it is easy to get confused about what each is really responsible for doing.  This is why it is best to stop by Quality Lube Plus today and let our team check out all of your car’s maintenance needs!

How often should you replace your Transmission Fluid?

It is best to follow your manufacturer’s suggestions when it comes to the frequency of changing your transmission oil.  But, you should also take into considering how your vehicle is being driven.  If you experience more stop-and-go driving, then this will shorten the life of your transmission fluid and you should have it replaced more often.

Importance of Transmission Fluid

Replacing your transmission can be one of the most expensive car maintenance costs, so it is wise to take the necessary steps to avoid this expense.  Having your transmission fluid replaced will significantly help prevent any future repairs to this part of your car.

Transmission fluid absorbs heat and transfers it to the transmission oil cooler to prevent your engine from overheating.  The oil also lubricates all the parts inside the transmission, making it extremely important.

To make sure your brake and transmission fluids are satisfactory, visit Quality Lube Plus.  Stop by our shop today with any questions or concerns you might be having about your car!