Monthly Archives: March 2016

How Extra Weight Negatively Impacts Vehicles

Many factors affect your vehicle’s gas mileage, performance, and lifespan. Therefore, you should be aware of what’s good for your car and what’s not. One lesser-known factor that can literally bog down your car is the weight it carries (particularly in the trunk). If you’ve ever loaded many people into a small vehicle, then you’ve[Read more…]

Often Overlooked but Important Vehicle Maintenance

Maintenance can be the key to keeping your car running great for years. When most people think of car maintenance, they think of oil changes and brake jobs—but what about some of the smaller or easy-to-overlook vehicle maintenance jobs? You should be keeping up with those too! Windshield Wipers You have probably driven your car[Read more…]

Which Gasoline Should You Choose for Your Vehicle

When you pull into a gas station, you probably notice a sign that advertises two types of gasoline which are more expensive than regular. If you purchased a high-performance vehicle, then the manufacturer probably recommends that you use premium fuel. But, what’s the difference between premium and regular gasoline? And, more importantly, is it worth[Read more…]