The Latest Advancements in Oil and How it’s Helping Vehicles Everywhere

Like all automotive technology, the motor oil industry has made great strides over the years. In today’s world, motor oil must perform across a wide range of different applications. It has to protect engineering components under extended warranties and comply with strict regulations. It also needs to improve upon the already existing properties of motor oil. Here’s a closer look at the latest advancements in oil and how it’s helping vehicles everywhere.


Bonding Technology

Bonding technology is a specialized, extreme-pressure lubricant that is highly formulated by using chemicals. This tech can achieve significant chemical stability and receives the highest possible rating. As good as the existing motor oils are, they only treat the surface of the metal components in your vehicle. In addition, to enhance their performance, they usually contain additives to help the oil cool surfaces and reduce friction. With bonding technology, oil is able to not only treat the surfaces but actually modify the surface of the metal as well.


Better Gas Mileage

Everyone is focused on making everything geared towards sustainability these days. In order to do this for the automotive industry, motor oil has a part to play. The newest motor oils are allowing vehicles to get better gas mileage than ever before. Besides getting more miles to the gallon, these new oils will also increase the time between needed oil changes. These new oils will come with a higher price tag, but will end up saving drivers hundreds, possibly thousands, of dollars a year by saving money on gas, oil changes, and even maintenance.


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