Monthly Archives: May 2016

Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

Anyone who’s been around cars has probably heard two sounds: a squeaking belt and squeaking brakes. Sounds produced by various parts of the car are often unique and a great starting point for diagnosing issues within a vehicle. Why are my brakes squeaking? Car brakes can make squealing noises for many reasons. One of the less severe causes[Read more…]

How Often Should A Transmission Be Flushed

Keeping up with vehicle maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent serious issues that can cost you thousands in repairs. Everyone knows about oil, antifreeze, brakes and tires—but you may not have considered flushing your transmission fluid. While less frequent, it’s an important part of keeping your car transmission running well. How often[Read more…]

Tips for Knowing It’s Time for an Oil Change

If there is one maintenance process you should be familiar with, it is changing your oil. Throughout your vehicle’s life, you will change the oil more times than you will perform any other maintenance task. You may know how to change your oil, but, just as important, is knowing when it is time for an[Read more…]