Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

Anyone who’s been around cars has probably heard two sounds: a squeaking belt and squeaking brakes. Sounds produced by various parts of the car are often unique and a great starting point for diagnosing issues within a vehicle.

Why are my brakes squeaking?

Car brakes can make squealing noises for many reasons. One of the less severe causes is a contact issue with your rotors or pads.

Your car brakes may also be squeaking due to the quality of your brake pads. Some (cheaper) brake pads are designed with more metal in them, which can cause the familiar squealing sound even when your brakes are not due to be replaced.

The most common cause of squealing in brakes is old, overly worn brake pads that need to be changed. Brake pads are designed with indicators to warn you that your brakes need to be changed. This is done through the use of a small metal tab that creates the squeaking sound when the brake pads are almost worn down to the point of metal-to-metal contact with the rotors. You can often distinguish worn brake pad noises from other squeaks because it happens as you come to a stop.

What happens when car brakes wear down?

As your brake pads wear down and the metal from the pads grinds on the metal from the rotors, it causes two vital consequences: your brakes aren’t going to work as well, and continued use of these worn out brakes can cause further damage to your rotors. Because of this, it’s best to replace your brakes sooner than later and save yourself both the money and hassle of having to replace additional parts as well as potentially saving your life.

If your car brakes are starting to squeak, you should have them looked at. Brake replacements are reasonably priced and are the most essential feature to vehicle safety.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment if your brakes are squeaking!