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Snow Tires – Are They For Me?

Cold weather brings lots of driving challenges that can be especially hard on your vehicle. Winterizing your car is essential, but do you need snow tires? Let’s find out. What are snow tires? A snow tire, or winter tire, has unique rubber compounds and tread designs that give it a better grip in wet, snowy[Read more…]

Winterizing Your Vehicle

Winter is coming. Which means it’s time to winterize your vehicle. So what does that mean exactly? It means it’s time to prepare your car for the cold temperature, ice and snow that’s about to come. Here are some easy ways to do that. Check Your Battery Cold temperatures slow down the chemical reactions your[Read more…]

Tips For Spotting Black Ice

Black ice is the term for a thin clear coating of ice on a road or paved surface. It is extremely hard to see, especially at night, and you usually don’t even know that it is there until your car is sliding over it. Black ice is the cause of the majority of accidents in[Read more…]