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The Purpose of Your Car’s Cabin Filter

Your car’s cabin filter is often overlooked when it comes to regular maintenance, but it’s a very essential component to your vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at a cabin filter, and its purpose.   A Fairly New Addition Before the year 2000, the air filter was the only filter you really had to worry[Read more…]

What to Do if Your Car Battery Dies

There are many reasons why you may walk out to your car only to discover the battery has died. You may have left your headlights, interior lights or radio on, you may have accidentally left your car running, it may have been sitting unused for an extended time, or your battery may have just gone[Read more…]

Maintenance Advice for Vehicles That Spend a Lot of Time in Traffic

Maintenance Advice for Vehicles That Spend a Lot of Time in Traffic We’ve all heard that too much stop and go traffic is terrible for our cars, but sometimes we have no choice. If your daily commute or your job entails you sitting in traffic for a large part of the day, there are ways[Read more…]

Tips to Maximize The Lifespan of Your Tires

Tires are essential to your vehicle, and they can be expensive to replace, so it’s critical to take care of them. Proper care and maintenance of your vehicle’s tires can help prolong their life. Here are some easy tips to maximize the lifespan of your tires.   Check Your Air Pressure Regularly Checking your tires’[Read more…]