The Purpose of Your Car’s Cabin Filter

Your car’s cabin filter is often overlooked when it comes to regular maintenance, but it’s a very essential component to your vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at a cabin filter, and its purpose.


A Fairly New Addition

Before the year 2000, the air filter was the only filter you really had to worry about changing. Manufacturers began adding cabin filters to cars almost 20 years ago to enhance the air quality inside vehicles.


Circulating Clean Air

Without a cabin air filter, dirt, dust, pollen, smog and other unsightly molecules can enter the inside of your car and remain there during your drive and even after. With a cabin filter, dirt particles are trapped within the fibers of the filter and are not able to enter the vehicle.


Change Your Cabin Filter for Best Results

Like any other filter, a cabin filter can become built up and dirty quickly. Although a dirty cabin filter won’t affect the performance of your car, it can restrict the air flow of your air conditioner and lessen the quality of the air inside your cabin. To prevent this from happening, change your cabin air filter once a year. This is a relatively easy task and is pretty self-explanatory once you locate the filter. Check your car’s owner’s manuals for more specific instructions, but if you can’t seem to locate it, you can usually find it in one of these three locations:

  • Under the hood near the fresh air intake
  • At the bottom of the passenger side dashboard
  • Behind the glove compartment


Add A Cabin Filter Change into Your Regular Car Maintenance

If you aren’t comfortable changing your car’s cabin filter yourself, ask your mechanic to add it into your yearly tune-up. If you notice any problems with your air conditioning system, it may be time to check the filter sooner.


Questions about your cabin air filter or any other of your car’s components? Ask the experts at Quality Lube Plus!