Most Common Auto Repair Shop Misconceptions

As a professional and reputable auto repair shop, we’ve heard a lot of myths and untruths over the years. In this blog, we cover the most common auto repair shop misconceptions, and what you actually need to know.


Misconception #1- Vehicles Are Purposely Made to Break Down So I Have to Spend Money

No, manufacturers are not purposely making vehicles more fragile so that you have to keep pumping money into them. In fact, vehicles have been made more and more durable over the years. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to take your vehicle in for regular maintenance. Every vehicle will require work from time to time. Unfortunately, there’s no way to avoid that.


Misconception #2 – Auto Mechanics Can Give You an Accurate Estimate Over the Phone

While we can give you accurate estimates on general maintenance services like oil changes, it is impossible to know what your vehicle will need without seeing it in person. Proper diagnosis requires us to actually look under your hood and figure out the problem in the shop.


Misconception #3 – Every Auto Repair Shop is the Same

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to where you should take your vehicle for maintenance and repairs. Just like every restaurant isn’t the same, every auto repair shop varies as well. Every expert tech receives different specialized training, depending on what type of vehicles the shop serves. In addition, different shops will have access to a variety of diagnostic tools. Some shops can be using outdated technology and, as a result, aren’t able to accurately identify issues.


We hope this blog cleared up a few things for you. When you take your vehicle to Quality Lube Plus, you can be assured you’re getting honest, affordable and reliable service.