Monthly Archives: March 2018

What To Do When Your Car Overheats

If your car overheats while you are driving, don’t panic. While you will want to get it to a repair shop as soon as possible, especially if it happens repeatedly, there are a few things you can do to cool your car down. If the engine overheating light is on or your temperature gauge shows[Read more…]

The Effect of Cold Weather on Your Vehicle’s Battery

In the winter, car batteries discharge quicker than they do in the summer because it is cold outside. You may know that batteries lose capacity as the temperature drops. However, you may not know why this happens. Car batteries create an electric current when a connection is made between its positive and negative terminals. The[Read more…]

Why You Should Keep Your Gas Tank Full In The Winter

You’ve probably heard that you should keep your gas tank full in the winter because gasoline freezes when it gets extremely cold. Strictly speaking that is true. Gasoline freezes at -100oF. However, you don’t have to worry about those extreme temperatures in New Jersey. While diesel does have a higher freezing point, winter diesel blends[Read more…]