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What are the Different Types of Tires?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tire types. It can be overwhelming just thinking about it. Fortunately, most people will only ever need one or two of the many different types. We’ve listed some of the most common ones and their purposes to clear up some confusion. All-Season Tires All-season tires are made to[Read more…]

What is a Radiator Flush?

The mechanic tells you that your car needs a radiator flush. You’ve heard those words before and know it’s a legitimate auto service, but don’t know exactly what that means. A radiator flush is also called a coolant flush, which is slightly more self-explanatory. At least, coolant flush no longer sounds like gibberish to the[Read more…]

Why Different Vehicles Need Different Types of Oil Blog

When it comes to your vehicle’s oil, you probably don’t think that your car’s oil may be different from the other vehicles you see every day.  In fact, there are four basic varieties of passenger vehicle oil that are used in different types of vehicles. This includes synthetic oil, synthetic blends, high-mileage oil, and conventional[Read more…]