Why Different Vehicles Need Different Types of Oil Blog

When it comes to your vehicle’s oil, you probably don’t think that your car’s oil may be different from the other vehicles you see every day.  In fact, there are four basic varieties of passenger vehicle oil that are used in different types of vehicles. This includes synthetic oil, synthetic blends, high-mileage oil, and conventional oil.  Synthetic motor oils have better extreme high temperature and low temperature performance and are generally formulated with higher performing additives.  Synthetic blends use a mixture of synthetic and conventional base oils for added resistance to oxidation.  High-mileage oil is formulated for late model vehicles or newer vehicles with over 75,000 miles because it helps to reduce oil burn-off and oil leaks.  Conventional oil is recommended for drivers with simple engine designs and regular driving patterns.

These different types of oils play an extremely important part in your vehicle’s performance and lifespan. If you were to use the wrong oil, then it could negatively impact your vehicle in many ways. Many metal components throughout your engine could be severely damaged due to improperly lubricating them. Therefore, it is very important to ensure you are using the correct oil for the oil change. Having an oil change performed by an untrustworthy auto mechanic can turn a $25 oil change into thousands of dollars in repairs.

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