Importance of Properly Diagnosing Vehicle Prior to Service

In New Jersey, we use our cars all the time from getting to work on a daily basis or going to the supermarket weekly, so it’s important to keep our vehicles maintained. The reality is that, unfortunately, we will all run into some sort of issue that will need to be repaired. The good news is that the more you know about your vehicle, the more in tune with your vehicle you’ll be, and the more likely you are to avoid major problems due to negligence. By knowing the following strange sounds, unusual noises, unfamiliar odors, and changes in your vehicles performance, you will be able to identify what could potentially be the problem.

If your car has a smell similar to one that could be coming from the kitchen, pay attention to it. The smell of burnt toast often means there is an electrical short and burning insulation. It’s also no surprise that the smell of rotten eggs means there’s a problem. In your car’s case, it usually means the catalytic converter or another emission control device needs to be repaired.

The important sounds you should look out for are a squeal and a squeak. A squeal could be a sign of loose or worn out powering steering. A screech, especially if the car is in motion, may mean that the brake wear indicators are letting you know it’s time for your car to visit the mechanic.

Another warning sign that your vehicle needs work are big puddles forming underneath it. Small stains aren’t usually a cause for concern, but keep an eye on them because the color and consistency of the leaking fluid provides a clue as to what is leaking. A red oily spot indicates that the transmission or power-steering fluid is leaking, whereas a dark brown or black-colored oily fluid is a sign that the engine is leaking oil.

Regardless of what warning signs your car is sending, we can help diagnose the problem. Getting a proper diagnosis is critical to prevent any further damage from occurring.  If you notice anything wrong with your vehicle, give us a call or stop by our shop today and we will find a solution.