Maintenance Advice for Vehicles That Spend a Lot of Time in Traffic

Maintenance Advice for Vehicles That Spend a Lot of Time in Traffic

We’ve all heard that too much stop and go traffic is terrible for our cars, but sometimes we have no choice. If your daily commute or your job entails you sitting in traffic for a large part of the day, there are ways to make it easier on your vehicle. Here’s some straightforward maintenance advice for cars that spend a lot of time in traffic.


More Frequent Oil Changes

When you sit in traffic, your engine is idling, which over time can cause deposits to form, slowing it down and making it run less efficiently. To counteract this, you should be getting your oil changed more frequently. Talk to your mechanic about how often you should be coming in.


Add a Fuel Injector Cleaner

If traffic is going to be a constant for you, consider adding a fuel injector cleaner to your gas tank every 3,000 miles or so. Fuel injector cleaners help remove deposits and clogs and reduce the strange sounds and rattling that frequent traffic sitting can cause.


Have Your Brakes Checked Frequently

All that constant stopping and starting can be rough on your brakes, so be sure to have them checked frequently. Have your mechanic check the brake fluid every time you bring in your car for an oil change and ask about the best kind of fluids for your specific driving habits.


Give Enough Space to the Car in Front of You

While you’re stuck in traffic, be sure you’re giving enough space to the car in front of you. Tailgating in traffic will cause you to slam on your brakes more often, adding more wear and tear to your already overworked car.


When you sit in traffic frequently, it’s even more important to have a reliable mechanic ready to take care of your car. Make sure you’re coming into Quality Lube Plus for all your vehicle needs!