Snow Tires – Are They For Me?

Cold weather brings lots of driving challenges that can be especially hard on your vehicle. Winterizing your car is essential, but do you need snow tires? Let’s find out.

What are snow tires?

A snow tire, or winter tire, has unique rubber compounds and tread designs that give it a better grip in wet, snowy or icy conditions.

What is your local climate?

Snow tires are recommended for people that live in areas where it falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. If you live in an area where the winter brings lots of snow and ice, snow tires could give you an edge, and keep you safe, in cold weather driving.

Do you frequently drive in the winter?

If you’re able to avoid driving in the snow or ice, all-weather tires may be sufficient for your needs. But, if you drive consistently all winter, no matter the weather, snow tires could help keep you prepared.

Do you drive on rough terrain?

If you live in a neighborhood with unpaved roads, rough gravel or roads that aren’t plowed during storms, you may need snow tires. An all-weather tire isn’t built for rough circumstances the way a snow tire is.

Is it worth it?

Snow tires are more expensive than all-weather tires, but they are built to last. You can’t put a price on your safety, or the safety of others riding in your car, so if you’re concerned at all about driving in winter conditions, make the leap and invest in snow tires.

Do you still need snow tires for a car with four-wheel drive?

Yes, you do. Four-wheel or all-wheel drive does not mean your all-weather tires are sufficient in extreme winter weather.  Snow tires will increase the safety of any vehicle, including ones with four-wheel drive.

If you have any questions about snow tires or whether you should purchase them for your car, contact the professionals at Quality Lube Plus right away.