Self Driving Cars

The future is here, and that means self-driving cars. Self-driving cars were once a science fiction fantasy that seemed years away from becoming a reality. But as of 2018, the company Waymo officially started its self-driving car service in Phoenix, Arizona. A few hundred heavily vetted riders can pay to be driven in a driverless car. So, how did we get here and where exactly are we headed? Let’s take a closer look at self-driving cars.


Currently, self-driving cars aren’t exactly publicly available. Riders are being carefully selected while companies continue to work out the kinks of the system. Smaller startup companies are running shuttle like services, from preplanned starting destinations and following the same exact route each time, to cut down on unseen variables that tend to scare off new riders.


In May of 2018 and Uber self-driving car struck and killed a pedestrian. Since then, there have been many concerns about safety and more calls for public street testing. Although the pedestrian death was a great tragedy, there haven’t been any incidents like it, and very few self-driving cars have been involved in accidents since.

The Future of Self-Driving Cars

Although many experts predict there’s a long road ahead before self-driving cars to become the future of transportation, it may not be as far away as you think. Technology is constantly evolving making the already existing self-driving car safer and more efficient with each new development. Besides changing the technology, self-driving vehicles will also have to change the minds of potential riders. As of present days, surveys put on by the American Automobile Association tell us 63% of people polled stated they were afraid to ride in a self-driving car. Once attitudes change, maybe you’ll see be seeing driverless cars on your daily commute.

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