Air Conditioning Repair

There are many things that can go wrong with your car’s air conditioning system, which is why it is necessary to schedule your car for regular checkups.

The first problem that can go wrong is also the most horrifying. You do not want your car to get infected with Black Death. If your car is diagnosed with the Black Death, it doesn’t mean it’s somehow gotten the plague. It means that the refrigerant inside the compressor has broken down. Since refrigerant cools the air by absorbing heat, it eventually breaks down and needs replacing. If it is not replaced, the refrigerant will break down and damage your air-conditioning system, starting in the compressor. As broken-down refrigerant works its way through a car’s air-conditioning system, it brings sharp, grimy metal particles with it. These particles will damage the entire system and airflow will be severely hindered.

Fortunately, most air-conditioning problems don’t start with the Black Death. If your car has weak airflow, bring it into your mechanic. There are several things your mechanic will check for. It’s possible that the evaporator core has mold or mildew from moisture that occurs during the cooling process. It’s also possible a hose is loose, your car needs a new ventilation fan, or a seal is broken.

If a lack of airflow isn’t your car’s issue, you may be finding that the A/C isn’t as cold as it should be. This is another sign you should see your mechanic as soon as possible. Waiting longer than you should could result in an expensive repair that could have been prevented. Some common causes of this include vacuum leaks, a refrigerant leak, a clogged tube, a failed compressor, a damaged condenser, a damaged evaporator, and a failed switch.

The bottom line is don’t wait until its too late to fix your car’s air-conditioner. The sooner you catch the problem, the better it will be for your wallet and the more comfortable you will be when sitting in your car on a hot day.