Have These Items In Your Vehicle In Case of a Summer Breakdown

With summer in full swing, you’ll probably want to do plenty of driving to enjoy the weather. But, long road trips carry with them the risk of a breakdown. A breakdown in the summer months is particularly dangerous because you may be far from home, and the heat amplifies your need for water. So, if you become stranded this summer, then what should you keep in your vehicle?

Jumper Cables

No matter what time of year, jumper cables are an essential part of any car’s emergency supplies. It’s usually relatively easy to find someone who can stop and jump your car — unlike finding someone who has jumper cables.

Spare Tire and Tools

If you have a flat tire and a car full of people, then the last thing you want to do is sit in the sun and wait for help. Having a spare tire, jack, and wrench ensures you can get back on the road quickly to get additional help in a town.

Water and First Aid Kit

You should always carry water and a first aid kit in your car. Water is particularly vital in high temperatures where dehydration is accelerated.

Cell Phone Charger

Having a functional cell phone gives you not only contact to the outside world, but also Internet access. Keep a car-compatible cell phone charger or a power bank in your car in case of an emergency.


No matter what you end up doing while you’re stranded on the side of the road, it’s essential to have proper lighting at night. If you’re changing a tire on the freeway in the middle on the night, then you need to see clearly. Lighting is also important because it makes nearby drivers aware of you, which will help to avoid a potential accident.

Whatever driving plans you have this summer, you’ll want a functional vehicle for the long trips. Keep those five items in your car, and you’ll be set for any breakdown. And remember: be safe, be prepared, and have fun.