High Tech Automobile Advancements

With the ever-evolving technology of today, there are constant advances to everyday things that enhance their convenience and security. This applies to our vehicles as well. Let’s take a look at some high-tech auto advancements that have made our lives easier.

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry systems for vehicles are made possible by a remote with a short-range radio transmitter that unlocks the car’s doors when you use it within five to ten meters. Taking the keyless entry a step further is the keyless remote ignition system, which allows you to start your car by a push of a button if you’re within a reasonable distance. This makes cold winter mornings, and regular daily activities, a little easier.

Fingerprint Ignition

One of the newest advancements in auto tech is the fingerprint ignition system. Authorized drivers can enter their fingerprint into a database so that when they gently place their finger over a sensor, the car will start. Not only is this incredibly convenient, but the security is also significantly increased on vehicles with the fingerprint ignition system.

Parking Sensors

Advancements in auto tech not only increase safety by preventing theft, but they also can prevent accidents and damage to your vehicle. Parking sensors work by using high-frequency sound waves to detect objects around your car. They then alert you if you’re close to hitting something, making parallel parking a whole lot easier.

Lane Departure Warning System

Another auto tech advance designed for safe driving is the lane departure system. This handy feature alerts you if you start to sway out of your traffic lane while driving. There will be an audible warning if you start to veer from your lane, and in some vehicles, the car will take minimal control to get you safely back in the right position on the road.

All these advances in auto technology are to keep you and your vehicle as safe as possible.