How Often Should You Replace Your Brake Fluid

As a car owner, you want to be sure you’re taking care of your vehicle, especially its most essential components, like the brakes. So, does that include replacing your brake fluid? And if so, how often? When searching for info online, you’ll probably find a wide variety of answers, ranging from never to every two years. Here’s what you should know.


What is the Purpose of Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid helps to lubricate the components of your car’s brake system, essentially allowing them to work smoothly. Constantly stopping your vehicle while driving puts a lot of stress on your brakes, and although this is what they’re made for, brake fluid makes it all possible. When the brake fluid level is too low, your braking power could be limited.


How Do You Check Your Brake Fluid?

The brake fluid reservoir is usually a clear container so you can see the level without having to remove the cap. In fact, removing the cap lets moisture into the reservoir which can contaminate and change the integrity of the fluid, so only remove the cap if you’re changing your fluid, which should be left to a professional mechanic.


So, When Should You Change Your Brake Fluid?

The truth is, there’s no set timetable when it comes to changing your brake fluid. It all depends on the make and model of your car and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Have your mechanic check your brake fluid level at regular oil changes. A burnt odor coming from the fluid, variations in color and low levels are all signs that it’s time to have your brake fluid changed.


If you suspect it’s time to have your brake fluid changed, or if you’re unsure, have the experts at Quality Lube Plus take a look for you.