How Regular Tune Ups and Oil Changes Extend a Vehicle’s Lifespan

Getting the most out of our vehicles is what every vehicle owner should strive for.  It’s how we get to work, how we run errands, and is pretty much how we live.  Being proactive and taking preventive care with your vehicle can help save you hundreds of dollars in expensive repairs and is the best way to extend the lifespan of your vehicle.

A higher frequency of oil changes helps keep corrosive materials out of the engine and ultimately keeps your car on the road longer.  Drivers who are often caught in city traffic should especially follow this advice.  As with fuel economy, city driving can put a hurt on your vehicle’s engine.  Oil changes help minimize the long-term impact.  In addition to oil changes, regularly changing the filters in your car’s HVAC system also proves to be beneficial as well.  Clogged fuel and oil filters make your vehicle’s engine work harder to perform standard functions.  Air filters and transmission filters also need changing on a regular basis too.  This type of preventive maintenance is one of the easiest things a car owner can do to extend the life of their vehicle.  Changing your fluids such as antifreeze is important as well.  Over the years, coolant/antifreeze can break down and become susceptible to contamination.  Fluids such as these protects your radiator, keeps your heater from failing, and helps keep the car’s thermostat working in order.

Being proactive with oil changes and tune-up procedures is very important for the lifespan of your vehicle.  Call us to set up an appointment or stop by our shop today for your next oil change or tune-up service. Our professional mechanics can get you fitted with fresh oil, clean fluids, and new filters for your vehicle.