How To Tell If Your Spark Plugs Need To Be Replaced

The spark plugs on your vehicle are like tiny firecrackers, they are responsible for igniting the combustible combination of fuel and oxygen in your engine, that allows it to turn on and run. Although they may be small, without spark plugs, your car is useless. So how do you know if your spark plugs need to be replaced? Here are some signs.

Loud Engine

If your engine is idling loudly or sounds like its working harder than usual, your spark plugs may need to be changed.

Trouble Starting

If your car is taking more time than usual to turn over, or it just won’t start, your spark plugs may not be firing properly. They are what causes the ignition in your car to function, so without properly working spark plugs, your vehicle won’t be able to start.

Engine Hesitation

If you feel your engine surge or hesitate when it’s running, there may be a problem with your spark plugs. Any interruption from a smooth feeling engine could be an indication there’s a problem with your spark plugs. You shouldn’t continue driving your car if something is off; take it to your mechanic right away.

Low Gas Mileage

If you are filling up your tank more often than usual, it could be a sign that your engine is not functioning properly, most likely caused by weak or failing spark plugs.

Lack of Acceleration

If your car feels like its running sluggishly or is taking longer than usual to accelerate, it may be because your spark plugs are failing. Your vehicle should be inspected by a mechanic right away.

All these signs are indications that your spark plugs are not functioning properly and may need to be replaced. Take your car to a trained mechanic as soon as possible to avoid breakdowns or further damage.