Keeping up on your Car’s Fluids

The fluids in your car are as important as the blood running through your body.  If all of the fluids in your car are not maintained and kept at the proper levels, then you’re in for a world of trouble.  The fill lines are there for a reason, so letting the levels drop below those lines is just asking for trouble.  Here is a list of the major fluids that you should be checking on a regular basis to ensure your car continues to run properly!


  1. Engine Oil
    • The engine oil (motor oil) is arguably the most important fluid in your vehicle.  It lubricates all of the moving parts inside the motor and makes sure they operate with minimal wearing.


  1. Transmission Fluid
    • This fluid provides the necessary hydraulic power needed to change gears, engage and disengage, and perform all other transmission functions.


  1. Brake Fluid
    • Is needed to transfer the required amount of force into pressure.  This makes it possible for the pressure you apply to the brake pedal correspond to your actual braking force.


  1. Power Steering Fluid
    • This fluid makes turning your steering wheel as smooth and effortless as possible.  If there isn’t enough fluid, steering becomes difficult and could cause damage to the steering components.


  1. Coolant
    • Also known as antifreeze, this keeps your car running cool.  You know that little meter on your dashboard that tells you what your car’s temperature is at?  Well, keeping coolant levels accurate ensures the meter reads right in the middle.


  1. Windshield Wiper Fluid
    • There is nothing more annoying than a filthy windshield, other than being out of windshield washer fluid when you have a filthy windshield.









ENGINE OIL Every other gas fill-up or once a month Rule of thumb: 3,000 miles (check owner’s manual)
TRANSMISSION FLUID Once a month Every 30,000 – 75,000 miles (check owner’s manual)
BRAKE FLUID Every oil-change Every 3-4 years
POWER STEERING FLUID Once a month Every 50,000 miles (check owner’s manual)
COOLANT Every 6 months Every 2-3 years
WINDSHIELD WASHER FLUID Once a month Whenever you notice that you are running low


To make sure all of your car’s fluids are doing their jobs, stop by Quality Lube Plus today!