Maintaining Your Car Battery

Everyone’s been there: You climb into your car after a long day, put the key in the ignition and attempt to start the car, only to find nothing happens. Often times, this is a result of a car battery that needs to be replaced.

Car batteries are made using a lead-acid reaction to create electrical energy. This electrical energy is then strategically dispersed throughout the engine for components like the starter system. If you have an old, dead, or bad battery – then it can lead to problems with the car’s ability to start. Batteries generally last around 3-5 years but your battery’s life can be decreased due to how you treat it and its environmental conditions.  However, age will eventually kill a battery regardless of any other factors.

Firstly, if you haven’t replaced your battery in three or more years and you’re having problems starting your car, then the battery is a likely culprit. However, there are times when a battery dies much quicker than it should. Perhaps the most common sign of a bad car battery is the car chugging and taking a few seconds to turn over and start the engine. If you inspect the battery, you may notice the fluid level is low, the case is swollen, or there’s a rotten egg smell surrounding the battery; all of these are signs that a battery is bad and needs to be replaced. Most importantly, if you haven’t replaced your battery in 3-5 years, it may be a good idea to do so. For many vehicles, a battery can be purchased for much less than you would expect.

Since replacing a car battery is cheap and easy, it’s a good idea to replace your battery when it’s old or you suspect it’s going bad. A good battery is a key component of a car that runs well for years.  Call Quality Lube Plus at 732-333-8272 to have your battery replaced, today!