Regular Car Maintenance Can Uncover Unexpected Problems

We’ve all heard the importance of keeping up with regular maintenance of our cars. It keeps them running longer and more efficiently, prevents more expensive repairs in the long run, but what about unexpected problems that you may not even consider? Read on to learn about an unexpected car problem that regular maintenance can help you avoid dealing with.


What’s That Moving Under the Hood??

People find animal nests under their hood more often than you think. Small animals are attracted to the warmth of your car that lingers long after the engine turns off, and can find their way into small compartments like air filters and engine components. Not only is this dangerous for the animals in question, but it’s hazardous for your car. Animals can chew through essential wires in the electrical system of your vehicle, making it unsafe to drive, or damaging it permanently, not to mention the many unsanitary conditions that come with a wild animal living inside your car.


Rarely Driven Cars or Cars Parked Outside Are at Risk

If your car is often parked outside or left undriven for long periods, check under your hood before starting it. If you notice an unusual amount of leaves, sticks or debris under your hood, you’ve most likely encountered an animal nest. Don’t try to remove the animal! Leave the car hood open and make noise or honk the horn to see if the animal will leave on its own. After you’re sure the animals are out of your car, take it to a mechanic right away to assess the damage.


To prevent unexpected problems like animal nests in your car, take your car to a mechanic for regular tune-ups. A professional will be able to spot signs of unusual wear that you may miss. Quality Lube Plus is your one-stop shop to keep your car clear of unexpected problems and running safely and efficiently.