Regular Tune Ups Will Save You Time and Money

If you have ever experienced your car breaking down, then you know how much of an obstacle it becomes in your life.  First of all, breaking down on a highway is one of the worst feelings in the world.  You have to safely pull over immediately, and then just sit and wait until the tow truck arrives.  Second of all, your schedule is completely ruined for the day and possibly more without knowing how long your car is going to take to be repaired.  Furthermore, the expensive costs that come along with those repairs can be a huge headache.  However, there is a very easy way to prevent this nightmare from happening to you and it is by getting a simple tune up regularly performed on your vehicle.

because you aren’t hearing your car make any strange noises doesn’t mean that your car is not in danger of breaking down.  For example, your battery doesn’t make a noise when it is not properly working.  In fact, there are many cars that don’t provide any type of gauge to inform you of a weak or dead battery.  Without this knowledge, you may find yourself stranded in a parking lot somewhere in need of a jump.  With a tune-up, your battery will be tested while ensuring that your entire ignition system is in working order.  This, along with many other systems of your vehicle, will be checked during a tune up.

So, the question is, would you rather schedule times to have your car serviced or have your car decide the schedule for you?  Stopping in for a tune-up even just once a year could save you from countless headaches, expenses, and scheduling conflicts in your life.  When you come into Quality Lube Plus, we will ensure that your vehicle is not experiencing any hidden problems that could continue to deteriorate and cause a break down in the future.  Call us at 732-333-8272 to conveniently schedule your car for a tune up and avoid a completely inconvenient break down.