The Coolest New Tech Features in Vehicles Today

Technology sure has come a long way in the last decade, and the vehicles of 2019 are loaded with it. Here are some of the coolest new tech features in vehicles today.

Connected Mobile Apps

The coolest thing about driving nowadays is the ability to connect your vehicle with your phone. Almost all modern vehicles can connect with your smartphone, and you can control much more than just your music with this feature. Some apps let you remotely lock and unlock your vehicle from your phone, check the tire pressure, and even start the engine.

Teen Driver Tech

Letting your young drivers use your vehicle can be a nervewracking experience, for several different reasons. With new teen driver technology, you’re able to set some guidelines that give you at least a little bit of peace of mind. Some vehicles will notify you if the vehicle is driven over a certain speed, if seatbelts aren’t used or even if the stereo is turned up past a certain volume.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking

More than 750,000 vehicles will be stolen this year alone, which is why experts are always trying to improve stolen vehicle tracking software. Most new vehicles made in 2019 have advanced tracking software that can pinpoint a vehicle’s exact location as well as notify law enforcement en route.

Lane Departure Warnings

Lane departure warning technology helps combat the danger that happens with distracted drivers. They work by using cameras to determine if a vehicle has drifted across the dotted lines of a lane and gives a visual or audio notification when it does. Imagine the number of accidents this can, and already has, prevented.

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