The Importance of Keeping Your Car Battery Connections Clean

Corrosion on car batteries is the primary cause of shortened life spans and subpar performance. Corrosion on the connections especially can cause shortages that can permanently damage it and cause your car to break down or not start at all. Let’s take a closer look at the importance of keeping your car battery connections clean.

Even a Small Amount of Corrosion is Dangerous

If you start to notice a small amount of white or blue-tinted fuzz-like material on the connectors to your car battery, the damage has already begun. It’s important to clean off the corrosion right away to avoid permanent problems. To clean mild corrosions, use a small amount of water mixed with baking soda and use a small brush to scrub it off lightly. If you’re unsure about doing this yourself or have any concerns, take your car to a trained technician.

Heavy Corrosion Needs Extra Care

A car battery covered in heavy corrosion is dangerous and should be cleaned as soon as possible. If it’s beyond the point of saving, you may need to take it into a repair shop to be replaced. If you want to try to salvage it, disconnect all wires before using a baking soda and water solution to brush off all corrosion.

Prevention is Key

In order to get the longest life out of your car battery, it’s important to prevent corrosion before it starts. There are felt pads that you can purchase to place under the battery connectors to absorb any leaking acid that causes corrosion. There are also some corrosion-preventing sprays available at car repair shops.

Taking care of your vehicle’s battery, especially the battery connections, is important to get the most out of your vehicle. If you have any questions or need to replace your battery, take your car into a trusted repair shop today.