The Latest Diagnostic Technology

When your vehicle has an issue, using vehicle diagnostic technology is a good first step in getting it fixed. After all, you have to know exactly what the problem is to fix it. Like all technology, these diagnostic tools have only gotten better over the years. These are some of the major improvements made to diagnostic technology in recent years.

Ability to Update
If you’ve ever owned a GPS, you’re familiar with this concept. Modern diagnostic tools allow professionals to connect to the internet and update the diagnostic trouble code database. This is crucial for vehicle diagnostics — having the latest diagnostic updates is a great way to ensure technicians don’t misdiagnose anything or miss a potential diagnosis.

Ease of Use
Some of the best updates made to vehicle diagnostic technology is its ease of use. In the past, finding the cause of a malfunction the vehicle was experiencing took many tests and evaluations — this isn’t always the case anymore. With improvements on the interface, user-friendliness and features available, diagnostic tools are able to pinpoint problems quickly and accurately.

Let’s face it — vehicle diagnostic tools have always been good at what they do. In previous years, the main issue with diagnosing a vehicle’s malfunction was the price of running tests on vehicles to attempt to pinpoint the issue. This would cause repairs to be more expensive due to the additional labor it would take to perform these tests.  However, with the latest in diagnostic tools, mechanics are able to skip the testing process and find the issue immediately in most cases.

If your vehicle’s check engine light is on, give us a call. We can use the latest diagnostic technology to find out exactly what is causing the light to come on.  With the help of our technology, we are able to diagnose problems much more accurately than the competition.