The Role of a Radiator

In order for an engine to work properly, all of the parts under the hood must work properly. One of the essential parts of your vehicle is the radiator. The following guide walks you through the role it plays in your vehicle and the importance of it.

The Purpose of a Car Radiator

The engine in a car can become very hot when all of the moving parts are working at once. As the parts move, friction is created, which ultimately produces heat. The radiator was created to help keep the engine cool as the moving parts operate.

How the Car Radiator Works

The radiator is located near the front of the car. Air passes through the grill of the car and cools it. A radiator is a series of chambers that antifreeze and water pass through in order to create cool air that can then be used to keep the engine cool. The chambers curve back and forth across the front of the engine to allow the coolant to have plenty of space to travel through and ultimately become fully cooled.

Proper Maintenance Is Important

Over time, the coolant that passes through the radiator can start to build up and cause it to clog. You need to be sure that the car radiator is flushed regularly so it can operate as well as possible. If you notice that water has started to leak from the radiator or rust has started to form on it, you need to have your car radiator flushed or replaced.

If you do not properly maintain your radiator, it can cause your vehicle to overheat. If you look at the temperature gauge on the car’s dashboard and it starts to indicate that the engine is running hot, you need to get the radiator looked at immediately. A mechanic can determine if anything is wrong with the radiator very quickly and if you feel that your radiator needs to be inspected, then bring it in to Quality Lube Plus, today.