Car Cleaning Hacks

Nobody enjoys cleaning out their car. It tends to get put off over and over again until it gets to the point where you’re embarrassed to let anyone in your car. And once you do clean it, it never seems to stay clean very long. Well, we’ve compiled a list of car cleaning hacks, some a little unconventional, that will help your car looking shiny and clean all year long.

  1. Keep a makeup brush in your car– Makeup brushes are the perfect size to dust hard to reach places like air vents and in between dials and levers. Just make sure it’s a clean brush.
  2. Use some olive oil on your dash– Yes, olive oil. A dab of olive oil wiped on with a soft cloth will keep your dashboard looking shiny and new and help repel dirt and hair.
  3.  Don’t forget to brush your headlights!– Use an old toothbrush and a dab of toothpaste to brush your headlights. It will get all the dirt and grime off that’s accumulated over the years. Clean headlights make for safe headlights.
  4. Cupcake liners in the cupholders– Hate all that gross dirt and dust that builds up in the bottom of your cupholders? Line them with cupcake liners. You can throw the liners out and put fresh ones in when they get dirty. Keep a container full of them in your glove box.
  5. Dryer sheets– Not only will dryer sheets help get pet hair off your seats and give your car a fresh smell, they can also help wipe off all the gross dead bugs from your windshield and exterior.
  6. Keep a spray bottle of water and a squeegee handy– A couple sprays of water on your upholstered seats will loosen up any dirt and hair and will be easily wiped off with a squeegee. You’ll have clean seats in no time.

Use these simple hacks to make spring cleaning your car last all year!