The Perfect Time to Change Your Air Filter

Changing your car’s air filter is necessary to make sure your engine is running smoothly and efficiently. It is recommended that you change your air filter every 15,000 to 30,000 miles, but if you tend to drive on unpaved roads, it should be changed more often. Changing it during the Spring is most effective. Why? Let’s take a look.

More Airborne Particles

During the spring, flowers are blooming and grass is growing. There are more airborne particles like pollen and dust floating around that are being sucked in by your engine. Your air filter is essentially working double-time, so it’s even more important to change it out so you don’t cause any damage to your engine.

Warmer Weather

Your car does a lot of work in the winter. The engine needs to be warmed up frequently and it’s constantly being driven through snow and ice. Changing your air filter when the warmer weather hits will give it a chance to start fresh and deal with all the particles that spring air can bring.

Showing Signs of Wear

Even though you should change your filter when spring hits, there are signs that it may need to be changed sooner. Here are some things to look for:

  • A decrease in Gas Mileage– If you notice that you’ve been filling up on gas more often than usual, it may be a sign that your air filter is dirty and needs to be changed.
  • Slow to Start– If you’re experiencing any ignition problems with your car and it seems to be turning over slowly, it could be a sign of a dirty filter.
  • Service Engine Light– You should always take your car in to be serviced when this light pops up on your dash, but it could be indicating something as simple as changing your air filter.

When Spring is the air, it’s time to change your air filter as part of your regular maintenance!