Common Fluid Leaks

Noticing a leak from your car can be alarming. The truth is most leaks aren’t dire but should be checked right away. Let’s take a look at some common car leaks and what causes them.


An antifreeze leak is very common and you’ll most likely experience it once over the life of your vehicle. Antifreeze is usually a bright green color but can also be orange or pink. Since coolant regulates the temperature of your engine, ignoring a leak can lead to an overheated car. Antifreeze is toxic to animals, so if your driveway is covered in it, you could have a potentially dangerous situation on your hands if you have pets. Take your car to be serviced as soon as possible if you notice an antifreeze leak.


While a gas leak does require immediate attention, you most likely aren’t in danger. In fact, some people have gas leaks for months without realizing it. If the gas is pooling on the ground near the front of the car, it most likely is a leak caused by the fuel pump and should be repaired right away by a trained technician.


If your car is leaking oil, it should be looked at as soon as possible. Although there are several causes of an oil leak, running your car without enough oil can lead to significant engine damage, so it needs to be serviced right away.

Brake Fluid

A brake fluid leak is a sign of a very serious problem in your car. If you notice a yellowish fluid leaking directly under the brake pedal or near the front wheels, have it towed to a garage right away. DO NOT DRIVE YOUR VEHICLE. Brake fluid maintains the pressure in your brakes and an inadequate amount of pressure can lead to brake failure, making your car unsafe to drive.

If you notice any of these common leaks, take your car to a trained technician right away for service.