How Often Should You Go For a Tune Up

Your car is a big part of your life. It gets you to work, school and friends and family’s houses. It’s important to keep your car running correctly so you can go about your day uninterrupted. To make sure your car is running properly, you should be taking it in for regular tune-ups. But how often do you need a tune up? Let’s take a closer look.


An easy way to keep track of how often your car needs a tune up is to go by the total mileage. If your car is over 15 years old, you should be getting a tune up every 10,000 miles. If your vehicle is newer and has electronic ignition, you only need to take it in every 25,000 miles or more, depending on the make and model of your car. Check your vehicle’s manual for more detailed information.

Trouble Stalling

If your car has been stalling often, this is a telltale sign that it’s time for a tune up. The same rule applies if you’ve had trouble starting your car. There are several different factors that could be contributing to these problems, so it’s best to take your car into a trained mechanic right away before the problem becomes more severe or puts you in any sort of danger.

Working Harder Than Usual

If your car seems to be working harder than usual or making loud noises when idling, take it into a mechanic right away. Although some noises may be caused by minor issues, noises can be an indication of serious problems as well, so it’s best to address it sooner rather than later.

Taking your car in for regular tune ups is a part of responsible car ownership. If you take care of your car, it will take care of you. If it is time to take your car in for a tune up, contact us at Quality Lube Plus right away.