Different Types of Headlights

The very first cars invented in the 1880’s did not have any lighting systems, so driving was usually not done at night. Eventually, oil lamps were added but came with several safety issues as you might imagine. It wasn’t until the 1920’s that cars were equipped with an electrical lighting system. Today there are several different types of headlights to choose from. They all provide sufficient lighting, so it’s mainly about personal preference. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of headlights and what each has to offer.


LED bulbs are the latest in car lighting technology. If you’re not used to LED, you’ll be surprised at the increased bright white light output they provide which enhances your visibility significantly. They’re perfect if you frequently drive at night and will last longer and save energy. Their plug and play system makes them easy to install yourself but also can be installed for you by a trained technician.


Halogen headlights are the most common bulbs used in cars. Although not as bright as LED, they still provide a sufficient amount of output to ensure safety and security while driving. They are also generally inexpensive and easy to install. Halogen bulbs are even found at convenience stores, making them widely available and an ever-popular choice even among more advanced technology.


Xenon lights produce a bright white light that is stronger than halogen and have a longer lifespan. They work with high-intensity discharge, HID, which uses electrodes to charge the gas within the bulb. This produces less heat and brighter light than halogen. They are moderately priced and are relatively easy to install.

No matter which type of bulbs you choose for your car, they are an essential part of safe driving. If you have any questions or need your headlights replaced, take your car to a trained technician right away.