Negative Effects of Replacing Filters on Your Own

If you’re a car owner, you know that taking care of your vehicle should be a priority. A properly cared for car will get you where you need to go without the constant worry of breaking down or being unsafe on the road. Part of this proper care includes changing the different filters on your car, most importantly the air and oil filters. You may be tempted to save some money and time and replace these filters yourself, and if you have years of experience as a mechanic or a car aficionado, then go for it! But if you’re just a regular car owner like most of us, it’s best to get these car filters changed by a professional mechanic at a reputable car shop. Here’s why.


Changing the Air Filter

The job of your car’s air filter is to trap airborne particles of dirt and debris and stop them from entering the engine. If your air filter becomes too dirty, the engine will lose the ability to suck enough air into its combustion chambers. Eventually, your car will lose power and stop running efficiently. The first sign of this happening is your “check engine” light coming on. If you neglect your air filter entirely, your car may stop running altogether. Unless you know what you are doing, changing your air filter yourself could result in an improperly placed filter. This is almost the same as not having an air filter at all and could cause permanent damage to your engine. When in doubt, take your car to a mechanic for professional service.


Changing the Oil Filter

If you don’t put the oil filter on correctly, you’re at risk of oil leaks or improperly cleaned oil entering your engine. It’s common for car owners to use the wrong size filter or not tighten it adequately when changing it themselves. To ensure your engine is running correctly, have your oil filter replaced by a professional.


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