The Role Oil Plays in Your Vehicle

Motor oil plays an essential role in your vehicle, in fact, without it your car wouldn’t run at all. Let’s look at what oil does for your vehicle.



The primary role of oil in your vehicle is to lubricate all its components. Without oil for lubrication, too much friction would be caused by the moving parts in your engine, causing insufficient movement and possible damage. Without oil, your engine would not be able to run correctly.


Prohibit Corrosion and Rust

Besides lubrication, another critical role of oil in your car is to prevent corrosion and rust from damaging the inner workings of your vehicle. Motor oil contains oxidation inhibitors, so everything it touches receives a layer of protection from rust.


Clean Engine Sludge

The third role of oil is to clean your engine of sludge and build up. The sticky consistency of oil allows it to pick up dirt and debris as it travels through your engine, essentially cleaning it. Sludge can slow down your engine, causing it to work harder to do its job. Changing your oil regularly prevents this from happening. Therefore, motor oil helps give your car a longer lifespan as well as run more efficiently.


Neutralize Acids

Gasoline is highly acidic. Motor oil helps neutralize these acids, which helps cool the engine as well as carry the heat away from its moving parts. This neutralization also improves the piston rings seals, giving you a better running engine.


Regular Oil Changes are Essential to a Properly Running Vehicle

As you can see, oil plays many vital roles in a vehicle. To keep your car running smoothly, get your oil changed regularly by a reputable mechanic. The experts at Quality Lube Plus can help make sure you’re using the right kind of oil for your car. Come in and see us today!