The Auto Repair Shop’s Almighty Air Filter

We’ve all seen what an air filter looks like.  It’s the spongy looking apparatus under your hood that is designed to catch any unwanted debris from reaching your engine.  But could something so simple really make that big of a difference when it comes to your car’s overall performance?

To put it simply, YES!  Much like many other filters, your car’s air filter is made out of paper, cotton, gauze, or another similar material.  To prevent air flow restriction, you will often see aluminum wire screens within the filter to help with performance.

One of the best times to change out your air filter is in the spring, after a long tough winter.  Just think of all the gravel, salt, and other pieces of debris that your vehicle had to schlep through all winter long.  It is a fact that your car’s performance will be negatively affected by a clogged or inadequate air filter.

Replacing an air filter has many important advantages.  A dirty filter can be affecting your car’s gas mileage by as much as 10%.  With gas prices so erratic, why wouldn’t you want to squeeze every last mile out of your gas as possible?  With the price of an air filter being so affordable, it is really a no brainer.  You should be calling Quality Lube Plus right this minute to make the swap and improve your engine’s performance!  While new air filters do catch 99% of the impurities from getting into your engine, every piece of dirt and debris that they do filter lessens the filter’s performance.

Who better to make that swap than your always friendly professionals at Quality Lube Plus?  Located conveniently off Highway 33 in Manalapan, we’re only a few minutes away.  We’ll make the process so quick and simple, you’ll be in and out in no time!