The Growing Availability of Automatic Braking in Vehicles

There are new technological advancements in vehicle development every year. Most of this exciting new technology is working to make our vehicles safer. For example, automatic braking in vehicles can help prevent high-speed collisions. Read on to learn more about the growing availability of automatic braking in vehicles.


What is Automatic Braking?

Automatic braking uses sensors and brake controls to help prevent crashes and collisions. Most automatic braking systems are designed to reduce the speed of the vehicle when there’s a chance of hitting something. Low-speed collisions are far less likely to be fatal than high-speed crashes, so automatic braking can save lives and significantly reduce the amount of damage done in an accident. Depending on which type of automatic braking system the vehicle is equipped with, the brakes will either be activated completely on their own or assist the driver while braking.


How Does Automatic Braking Work?

Braking system technology varies among manufacturers, but all of them rely on input from sensors. With either the use of lasers, radar, or video data, sensors determine when there is an object in the path of the vehicle being driven. Once an object is detected, the automatic braking system can determine if the vehicle’s speed is great enough to hit the object in its path. If it is, it will automatically decrease the speed of the vehicle by activating the brakes, preventing or lessening the impact of the potential accident.


What Vehicles Have Automatic Braking Systems?

More and more new vehicles come available with automatic braking systems. In fact, there are dozens of newly released 2019 vehicles with automatic braking. As technology improves, more and more manufacturers will be making these systems standard on new vehicles.


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