The Popularity of Manual Transmissions in 2019

Manual transmissions are not just for classic vehicles. In fact, vehicle buyers in 2019 are sometimes explicitly looking for new vehicles with manual transmissions, probably due to the control they have while driving one. Manual transmissions are just fun, especially to the seasoned driver, and because of this, they’ll probably never go out of style. Here’s why manual transmissions are still popular in 2019.

More for Your Money

Manual transmissions are cheaper to make than automatic transmissions. So if you’re shopping with a budget, you can get more for your money if you go for a stick shift. Not only is the initial price tag lower, but you’ll pay less for maintenance and repairs as well, potentially saving you thousands over the lifetime of the vehicle.

Have a Valuable Skill

Being able to drive a manual transmission gives you a valuable skill that not everybody has. It is relatively uncommon to be able to drive a manual transmission in 2019, but it could certainly come in handy if you can. Emergency situations may arise where this knowledge could be necessary. If you can drive a stick shift, consider yourself unique!

Fuel Efficiency

In 2019, gas is expensive. Driving a vehicle with a manual transmission can help save you quite a bit of money on gas. A manual transmission weighs less than an automatic transmission, which means it absorbs gas at a slower pace. Less gas is needed to go the same distance. The most fuel-efficient vehicles are those with manual transmissions.

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