The Importance of a Radiator Flush and Fill

With most investments in life, maintenance is key. A radiator flush and fill is one of the many car maintenances that should be done to keep your vehicle running properly. A radiator is a type of a heat exchanger and is designed to transfer heat that builds up from the engine. Your radiator is your car’s first defense when it comes to cooling down and making sure parts are not overheating while running. A properly functioning radiator will also help keep your engine block from warping and cracking with heat. A radiator flush is a fairly inexpensive procedure that should be performed at least once a year or whatever your car’s owner manual recommends.  A flush almost guarantees that the old anti-freeze is removed from the system and many of the contaminates with it.

Rust and scale deposits can build up over time within the radiator. These sort of build ups can result in overheating and even radiator damage.  When you get a radiator flush, most of the rust and scale deposits get pushed out with the old anti-freeze.  In addition, the additives in the coolant can lose their important anti-corrosive properties over time which can lead up the buildup of said contaminates.  When new anti-freeze is added, the new and fresh additives will prevent rust and build up in your radiator system, as well as prevent foaming within the system.  Also, the additives help lubricate the water pump which will help lengthen its lifespan.  Flushing your radiator can help extend the life of your car’s cooling system and help it operate more efficiently.  When you prolong such a service, you run the risk of the system failing and your car overheating which can lead to bigger damages.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, stop by Quality Lube Plus for a radiator flush today!