What are the noises your car is making telling you?

When people get sick, they tend to show certain symptoms of the illness.  Coughing, sneezing, and fever are just a few signs that something isn’t quite right.  Well, your vehicle works the same way – so where do you stick the thermometer to check your car’s temperature?  While humans and cars aren’t exactly the same, vehicles do in fact show symptoms that should not be overlooked.  When you recognize any of the following noises, bring your car to the “doctors” at Quality Lube Plus and get your car running like new again!

Noise (Symptoms) What does it mean? (Diagnosis)
Clunking and thumping
  • This noise can mean you have a universal joint, prop shaft, or rear differential that needs repair
  • (while braking) Your brake caliper or other hardware needs to be inspected for proper operation
Hissing from under the hood
  • If you hear this noise after the car is turned off, you have some kind of leak (often coolant or oil)
Humming (while making turns)
  • The differential needs lubricant
  • Faulty transmission
  • Worn out universal joints
  • Wheel bearing needs to be replaced
Roaring (while accelerating)
  • Exhaust system needs to be checked for any kind of damage
  • Transmission issue
Screeching or scraping (while braking)
  • Brake pads are worn out and need to be replaced
  • Brake rotors have dirt or debris inside of them
  • Brake shoes are worn out and need to be replaced
Tapping or clicking
  • The engine oil is low
  • Loss of oil pressure somewhere within the engine
  • Blockage in the system
  • Valve trains need to be readjusted

Whatever your car’s noise might be, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. When it makes a sound that you know it shouldn’t, it is crying out for help!  Respond by bringing your car into the professionals at Quality Lube Plus today.