Why Reliable Shocks Are Needed After Winter

After a long and and strange winter that couldn’t make up its mind when it came to weather, it might be time to replace your shocks and struts.  Now that the spring weather is starting to come into the fold, we are left with sizeable potholes from snow plows and freezing/unfreezing of water, and damages that the winter inflicted on our vehicles.  There are many signs to shock/strut wear, and it is important to get your vehicle inspected for any damages and make replacements if necessary.

One of the most telling signs of such damages is that your handling is off.  One thing you’ll notice is that your vehicle isn’t handling like it used to, and/or having a bouncier or rougher ride than normal.  This is usually due to worn down shocks and struts.  In addition, if the front of your car starts to “nose dive” when you brake or make a turn, that is also a sign of shock and strut wear.  Bad shocks and struts will also impact the health of your tires as well.  Bad shocks and struts cause your tires to bounce more frequently and hit the ground, causing them to lose valuable rubber in the process.  In addition to sights, you will also notice unusual sounds as well. Hearing loud squeaking noises coming from the suspension when driving over a bump, or even getting in/out of your vehicle is a possible sign that your shocks/struts are in need of a replacement.

Don’t wait until the damages lead to more expensive repairs, stop by our shop and our professionals can inspect and replaces your shocks/struts, and restore that smooth ride that your vehicle once had. Contact Quality Lube Plus for an appointment! It’s always better to be safe than sorry.