Why Use a Pro Instead of a Family Member/Friend Perform Your Oil Change

When it comes to oil changes, some people will opt to doing it themselves or having a friend do it for them for several reasons.  It may be that you’re trying to save money, looking to learn something new, or you simply don’t trust anyone else to do it. Whatever the case may be, having a professional handle the oil change for you is the best possible course of action, and will only take a few minutes of your day.

Not everyone owns the same tools as professional mechanic shops do. This allows pros to perform this routine maintenance very quickly compared to your friend or family member. Also, professionals are much more experienced and as a result, can recognize any signs of more serious problems during the oil change.  If you also think you will save money by getting someone else to do it, that may not be the case.  Four to five quarts of motor oil and an oil filter will cost about $20, and you will also need a drain pan, tools, rags, a safe way to lift your vehicle up, and perhaps something ergonomic to lay on. The average oil change at a mechanic shop will cost $30 to $35, so the cost discrepancy is minor when you consider the tools and labor involved, as well as time saved.  By having a professional take care of the job, you also don’t have to worry about recycling the oil yourself.

Save yourself the trouble, mess, and time by having a professional take care of your next oil change.  You certainly won’t be disappointed with the work our professionals will provide.  Call Quality Lube Plus to make an appointment for your next oil change!