If you live in New Jersey and own a vehicle, you’re probably aware of the inspections you’re required to have every two years or every five years, depending on the age of your vehicle, to keep your registration current. There are two main parts to an inspection which covers both safety and emissions. Here’s a[Read more…]

Changing your oil yourself may seem easier and less expensive than getting it done by an experienced mechanic, but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, unless you are a qualified mechanic, you may unknowingly make errors as you go. These mistakes can be costly and dangerous in the long run. Read on for more[Read more…]

Manual transmissions are not just for classic vehicles. In fact, vehicle buyers in 2019 are sometimes explicitly looking for new vehicles with manual transmissions, probably due to the control they have while driving one. Manual transmissions are just fun, especially to the seasoned driver, and because of this, they’ll probably never go out of style.[Read more…]

There are new technological advancements in vehicle development every year. Most of this exciting new technology is working to make our vehicles safer. For example, automatic braking in vehicles can help prevent high-speed collisions. Read on to learn more about the growing availability of automatic braking in vehicles.   What is Automatic Braking? Automatic braking[Read more…]

Cars are expensive but necessary investments. We need our vehicles to get to work, get to school, and run all the essential errands that life requires. If we have to spend money on a car, it’s important to take care of it, so that when it’s time for a new car, you can get the[Read more…]

Technology sure has come a long way in the last decade, and the vehicles of 2019 are loaded with it. Here are some of the coolest new tech features in vehicles today. Connected Mobile Apps The coolest thing about driving nowadays is the ability to connect your vehicle with your phone. Almost all modern vehicles[Read more…]

No matter how much you love and take care of your vehicle, it won’t last forever. Sometimes it’s best to know when to throw in the towel and start looking for a new vehicle. Here are some signs that it’s time for a new vehicle.   Frequent Breakdowns Breakdowns are not only inconvenient, but they[Read more…]

As the colder weather approaches, you may be thinking, “Do I need winter tires?”. If you find yourself on the road during many winter storms or icy conditions, then the answer is yes – you do! Winter tires are essential in climates where roads can become icy during the cold season. Even if you have[Read more…]

An auto-start, or remote start, on your car allows you to start your vehicle with the touch of a button while you’re up to 500 feet away (with some higher end models boasting an even further range). An auto-start can be handy to start your car while you’re still in your home or office so that it[Read more…]

Emergencies happen. That’s why it is crucial to always prepare for the unexpected. By keeping a few key supplies in your car, you can have peace of mind knowing that if a winter emergency does occur, you’ll be safe. Here are some items to always keep in your car during the winter. Flashlight and Batteries[Read more…]